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Where will my dog sleep?

Your dog can sleep in our doggie lounge with my own dog, or in the kitchen if they prefer their own space. If necessary, we do allow dogs to sleep upstairs, but only in a crate (if trained), provided by yourself. We find that most dogs settle downstairs with company, even if they are used to the bedroom at home.


What should I bring?

You will need to provide food (in an airtight container), bedding, crate if required, lead/harness. You are welcome to provide treats for your dog, but we also have a healthy selection here, along with lots of toys.


My dog needs grooming, can you do this?

I am not a professional dog groomer, but I am able to brush long coats & keep knots at bay. I will wash off muddy paws & tums when required, but with lots of walking & outdoor play, your dog may need a visit to the groomer on your return.


Can you give medication?

I am happy to give medication if provided & full instructions are given.


Will you take older pets?

I am happy to take older dogs. Exercise can be adjusted to suit them & there is a level front garden they can potter round in, avoiding any strain on stiff or aching joints. There are also separate areas where they can have some quiet time & rest when needed.


Will you take puppies?

I will accept crate trained puppies, dependant on size (as I do need to consider other, smaller dogs that are here). All puppies must have completed their vaccinations at least 4 weeks prior to boarding & be well on the way to house trained. I do accept that odd accidents will happen though.


What about Vaccinations?

To comply with the Council Licence, all dogs must be fully vaccinated against Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis & Parvovirus. Evidence of this will be required with all bookings. Initial vaccinations will need to be completed at least 4 weeks prior to any stay. Kennel cough vaccine is not mandatory, but if you chose to, please do so at least 14 days prior to boarding, as this is a live virus. I will also accept Titer testing. Your dog should also be treated for worms & fleas, within 14 days of their stay.


Are all dogs suitable for home boarding?

Unfortunately, not all dogs are suitable. I am unable to accept any dog that is destructive, aggressive, excessively vocal, or any dog registered under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991. Entire males over the age of 10 months will not be boarded & I cannot take any bitch in season or due to be in season, during the boarding dates. Friendly, well-behaved, family pets are always welcome.


What if my dog becomes ill during its stay?

If I am concerned about your dog’s health, I will always contact your vet immediately. If they are not available, I will take your dog to my own vet. I can isolate dogs with minor ailments, but if there is a major health issue, your dog will remain with your or my own vet, until they are given the all clear to return. I will also contact yourself or your emergency contact if needed.


Can we visit before booking?

Yes. Before booking I will meet with you & your dog. This allows me to see how your dog mixes with my own & others & if they are suited to home boarding. If your dog is overly boisterous or shows signs of aggression, boarding will not be possible. If suitable, I will arrange a trial stay, to ensure you, your dog & myself are happy. This is free of charge & may be overnight or during the day.


Can my children come & meet all the dogs?

Many dogs that stay (including my own) are not familiar with children & may be shy or nervous around them. For this reason, I request that small children are not brought along for visits or when dropping off & collecting.

Riviera Walkies

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Hello, could you please share this. Charlie our very loved WHITE MULTI POODLE DOG escaped this morning after a window cleaner left our gate open. Apparently he was seen being PICKED UP and TAKEN AWAY by a WOMAN in a LARGE BLACK CAR at approximately 11:30-13:30.This all took place on SEAWAY ROAD/TORQUAY ROAD, PRESTON, PAIGNTON. He was also spotted on MANOR ROAD.He has a black leather collar but unfortunately no dog tag, HE HAS BEEN CHIPPED. We’re trying to track down this person. If you have any information please get in touch with me. My number is 07926 575849. We have been asking around everywhere local all day vets, shops, houses, CCTV. We’re still searching, we are devastated by this situation. Charlie is a very nervous, anxious dog who would hate being away from home for this long. Thank you very much for everyone’s help already. ... See MoreSee Less
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